Piccolo Bacco Dei Quaroni

Rispettare la natura e assecondare i cicli naturali della vite sono i capisaldi che noi consideriamo inderogabili da qui la nostra attenzione alla cura del vigneto alla lenta maturazione dei vini alla tradizione al basso impatto ambientale

The Farm

Our Wine Company extends over 13 acres all planted as vine yard. It’s located in Montù Beccaria in the Oltrepò Pavese region, renown land for the red wine production and much more. We aim at offering a range of wines which are the expression of our local culture, with a specific attention to environmentally friendly techniques of cultivation. The resulting products are non-stereotypical, with high quality standards and most of all they are able to arouse “emotions”: to quote the great Luigi Veronelli, “wine speaks to us”. 
Furthermore, in order to build a relationship of confidence between wine makers and clients, we also make an effort to divulge directly to the consumer how, where and by whom our wine is produced.

Piccolo Bacco dei Quaroni
Frazione Costa Montefedele
27040 Montù Beccaria
tel 0385.60521 fax 0385.262196
mobile 339.1402381
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