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Rispettare la natura e assecondare i cicli naturali della vite sono i capisaldi che noi consideriamo inderogabili da qui la nostra attenzione alla cura del vigneto alla lenta maturazione dei vini alla tradizione al basso impatto ambientale

Crete – Pinot Nero vinified in bianco

Crete – Pinot Nero vinified in bianco

Fresh, fruity and floreal with glimpses of apple, pear and flowers of (Acacia). Persisting spume.  Good acidity supported by a optimal structure.

Zona di produzione: Municipality of Bosnasco

Vitigni: Pinot Nero

  • Acreage*: 1 acre

Harvesting: In the second decade of August, the grapes are harvested in the cool hours of the day, collected in boxes of 20 kg and pressed immediately.

Cultivation system: With a vine density of 4200 plants per acre, one vineyard with new insertion branches and one with “cordone speronato”, with permanent natural grass and modest organic fertilisation. 
In the cellar, no use of enzymes, additives and coadjutants.
Minimal use of sulfides.

Production parameters:
maximum grape production (yield): 70 hl/ha
Low rate of leaves blossoming.
Low production rate per plant.
Selective pruning and harvesting of the grapes. 
Autochthonous yeasts.
Temperature-controlled fermentation.
Highest attention to flavours and smells.
Collection of head in autoclave.

Combination: appropriate for aperitifs, to drink light-heartedly.

Serving temperature: 5-8 °C

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